Le Le & friends started to make our own jewelry and clothes and sell in the Market NYC in Mini Mall in Williamsburg about a year ago. Now available in Alt space and Le Petite Mort, we have also exhibited at The Living Gallery.

Hairy Guppy is not scared of being weird; we care more about originality. We make clothes for dance parties, bands and performance costumes. We collaborate with many local artists for photo shoot, music video costume making and styling. We believe everyone can dress up to fully express themselves and everyone has their own unique style. We encourage our customers to create their own style not to follow any certain trend.  Hairy Guppy is playful and very much music/film inspired. We want to keep it raw and fun. We “destroy” or “alter” a lot of old clothes or fabric, and turn them into something new and different. We want to be a brand inspiring more people to “destroy” and “create”.



Instagram: @hairyguppy