This June, Pop Souk is back at the inaugural LadyLand festival! 
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Ladyfag Presents:

POP SOUK: Where Downtown Folk Sell, Not Sell Out!

On Sunday, May 1st, 12pm – 6pm, Pop Souk will take over the legendary Webster Hall for the second year in a row!

More than just a market, it’s a full-fledged community event! Join some of the most talented NYC-ers hanging out in their own personal pop-up shops, hawking treasures from their own closets and/or of their own design…. Listen to your favorite New York DJs spin, mingle with creatives while sipping on cocktails, have your nails done, and, of course, shop!

Last year's beautiful poster, by Peter McNierney!

Last year's beautiful poster, by Peter McNierney!

Downtown is a state of mind. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, nightlife personalities, artists, musicians, DJs, designers, fashion junkies, and those who contribute to the fabric of "downtown" culture will convene under one roof to showcase their talents.

More than just a marketplace, Pop Souk is a happening-part party/part market- where you’ll find some of the most talented New Yorkers hanging out & selling in their own personal pop-up shops!

Come hear your favorite New York DJs spin, sip cocktails, get your nails done, & meet nearly 100 artists & designers themselves as you shop for your new Spring looks!

After a hiatus, we are back bigger and better with the 5th installment of Pop Souk taking over the entire Webster Hall!!

SUNDAY MAY 31st,  Noon to 6pm

Pop Souk: Where downtown folk sell, not sell out.

xx Ladyfag